The Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy (FSHA) Master Plan represents a multi-phased long-term reinvestment in the 42-acre campus by completing long-overdue improvements to the school’s 60-year-old facilities. Through a thoughtful strategic-planning process, the Master Plan was created to support our academic vision for the 21st century, while giving careful consideration to maintaining the beautiful aesthetic and quality of life of our shared neighborhood.

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Arts Center Remodel and Expansion

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  • The Need

    The Visual and Performing Arts program at Flintridge Sacred Heart offers comprehensive offerings in 2-D and 3-D fine arts, theatre, dance and music. Most of the classes and performances are held in incredibly compromised teaching and performance spaces throughout campus, thus limiting the effectiveness of the current program. 


School Improvements

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  • The Need

    The current high school classroom building was built in 1952 and has gone virtually unchanged since that time. Quite simply, the building is dated and needs to be brought up to 21st-century standards. Although we have added SMART Boards and other technology to the classrooms, the windows and wall air-conditioning units are not energy-efficient, and the furnishings don’t always support the delivery of our curriculum.

    high school improvements master plan

Parking Structure

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  • The Need

    Prior to starting construction on expanded high school facilities, Flintridge Sacred Heart must address the parking needs on campus. Parking significantly impacts the quality of life on any school campus and its surrounding neighborhood. Once the Upper Lot is repurposed to a campus plaza, as described above, virtually all parking will be located in this new structure.

    parking structure plan

Palmerstone Garden & Athletic Property

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  • The Need & The Plan

    The school plans to turn the dirt site on Palmerstone (Area 4) into a purpose that serves both our curricular work in science and our student’s athletic needs.

    palmerstone garden plan
    Key: Area 1 – Parking Structure, Area 2 – Arts Center, Area 3 – High School, Area 4 – Palmerstone Property
    The science department has created an ecological garden in the past on the Palmerstone property and the Master Plan calls for its restoration. We also have 75% of our student body involved in athletics. We are proposing that either three practice tennis courts or a playing field be built in the final phase of the Master Plan on the Palmerstone property.

    The practice tennis courts or practice playing field will be unlit, except for minimal required security lighting. The athletic facilities and restrooms will be for school use only and remain locked when not in use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Master Plan

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  • What is the school building?

    The Master Plan represents a multi-phased, long-term reinvestment in the 42 acre campus by completing long overdue improvements to the school’s 60 year old facilities. Projects include:

    • Fire and electrical Infrastructure upgrades
    • Expansion of Arts Center to include classrooms for the arts
    • Remodel and expansion of high school building to include state of the art classrooms and library
    • Partially subterranean 239 space parking structure and Dominican garden
    • Repurposed Palmerstone property to provide ecological garden and athletic practice area
  • Are you increasing your enrollment?

    No.  Our current enrollment cap is 425 students.  We are not requesting an increase in this number.
  • When the project is complete, how many new classrooms will be added?

    The school will have a total of four new classrooms (net), allowing us to remove two portable classrooms and other classes housed in inadequate spaces throughout the campus to properly sized and equipped classrooms in the new and renovated classroom building.
  • How long will the entire Master Plan project take to complete?

    This is a multi-phased project that will be completed over time.  Work must be staggered to minimize disruptions to school operations and to seek funding of the projects.  This staggered approach will also minimize the impact to our neighbors as smaller projects require less construction support.  We estimate the entire master plan to take 7 – 10 years to complete.
  • What will the Project’s impact on traffic be?

    We know traffic is a concern in the community.  A key component of the Master Plan is to effectively manage and facilitate the flow of traffic in and out of the school.  In response to neighbor concerns, in 2013, the school implemented a TOLOG Transportation Program that generally requires students to take a bus or carpool to campus.  This program reduced traffic by over 40% and is now a condition of approval in the school’s current CUP and this Specific Plan.  It is also important to note that traffic has been thoroughly analyzed in the Draft Environmental Impact Report and concluded that there are no significant impacts on traffic.
  • How will a four story parking structure fit in with the character for this community?

    The parking structure is 3 and half stories, two of which are partially subterranean.  The top level of the parking structure will be at-grade with the street and the walkway to the front of the cottages, resulting no impact to views/sight lines.  The lower levels will be screened from view with trees and shrubs.
  • Will you have lights on the tennis courts? Will the restrooms be public?

    We understand lighting presents concerns for our neighbors.   Although tennis courts with lights were previously approved by the City, our proposal for either practice tennis courts or practice playing field does not propose lights.  The restrooms are intended for school use only and will be locked when not in use.
  • What is the approval process for the project?

    • In February 2016, the City of La Canada Flintridge issued a Notice of Preparation (NOP) for a Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR). This commenced an extensive environmental review of the project and the NOP comment period provides the public with an opportunity to comment on issues that should be studied in the EIR.
    • Upon completion of the study, a Draft EIR was published and circulated for public review on June 22 – Aug 7. Comments on the Draft EIR are addressed in the project’s Final EIR.
    • The public hearings on the Master Plan project and Final EIR are anticipated to occur in the fall of 2017.
    • Both the City and Flintridge Sacred Heart will provide opportunities for interested parties to provide input and participate in the process. Flintridge Sacred Heart understands that we share this beautiful hill with our neighbors and we fully intend to maintain an environment of open dialogue with our neighbors and the community. We will actively seek input and feedback from the community throughout all stages. We encourage you to attend meetings and participate in the process.
  • What is a Specific Plan?

    A specific plan is essentially a “blueprint” that guides the planning and physical development of an area, in this case, the Flintridge Sacred Heart campus. The proposed specific plan will provide the parameters for campus’ building standards and operations up front, with review by the City as improvements are sought.  The specific plan will provide the school and its neighbors with a clear strategy for development and operations within the campus. Specific Plans are commonly used by schools to guide campus improvements.

Electrical Upgrade

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  • Why is an electrical upgrade needed?

    As part of the Flintridge Sacred Heart campus modernization project, an electrical upgrade is needed because the existing infrastructure that serves customers in the area does not have sufficient capacity to serve the future needs of the community and the project.
  • What is the scope of the project?

    Southern California Edison will replace approximately 8 existing transmission poles, and install approximately 5 new ones beginning near the 210 freeway and extending 4000 feet to the Flintridge Sacred Heart campus.  Additionally, 4 distribution poles would be installed or replaced on the Flintridge Sacred Heart campus.  Due to the lack of accessibility, replacement of approximately 4 transmission poles would require the use of a helicopter to transport the poles from a staging area to the location of the pole installation.  The anticipated staging area would be the Flintridge Sacred Heart Palmerstone property and the intersection of Inverness Drive and Normandy Drive.  Access to the other pole locations would occur from adjacent roadway and public rights-of-way.
  • How will the project benefit the area?

    This project will improve the electrical capacity in the area, including upgrading existing poles to meet today’s more stringent design and construction standards.  These changes will provide the updated infrastructure necessary to meet customer’s current and future energy needs.
  • How will this impact my electrical bill?

    This work will have no impact on your electrical bill.
  • What is the timeline for this work? When will it start? How long will it take?

    While we cannot provide an exact start date at this time as the project is still going through the approval process, construction for the entire project is expected to last approximately two months. Flintridge Sacred Heart will send notice as soon as a start date has been determined.
  • How will this impact me and my property?

    Because helicopters are needed to perform some of this work, the FAA requires what is called a Congested Area Plan. This Plan will require occupants of some residences in close proximity to the work to temporarily relocate during certain parts of the aerial crane/flight operation. When the helicopter has completed their mission, those occupants will be able to safely return to their residences.

    Southern California Edison anticipates only 2 days of helicopter work and that occupants will have to temporarily relocate for no longer than 4 hours per day.

    Your property and structure will be safe and will not be impacted.
  • How will this work affect traffic in the neighborhood? Will there be any road closures?

    While the project construction will require road closures, Southern California Edison will work to minimize traffic related impacts. More information is included in the Draft EIR, which can be accessed on the City’s website at This includes a full overview of road closures related to electrical work in Chapter IV.M Transportation Traffic, under the section entitled “Construction Traffic Impacts – Electrical Work,” which begins on Page IV.M-15.
  • What will the noise impacts of this work be?

    Noise impacts were assessed as part of the Draft EIR, which provides detailed information on the types of equipment that Southern California Edison typically uses.  Noise will be restricted by work hour limitations, which will be determined by the City. While Southern California Edison does plan to use a helicopter to set some poles as part of the work, helicopter staging and installation work will be restricted to 1 hour and 15 minutes per day, and will likely occur only in the earlier part of the day.
  • Will this affect power lines near me? Will it affect my electrical service?

    In order to complete construction, Southern California Edison will require that power service be temporarily interrupted. Residents will be notified by mail by Southern California Edison or its contractors approximately two weeks in advance and approximately one week in advance by door hanger before a planned interruption to the residents service. Interruptions in service will be intermittent and minimal during the two-month construction period.
  • What measures are you taking to minimize the disruption and impact of this work?

    Southern California Edison will work with the City to determine appropriate work hours, and will utilize traffic control to minimize impacts to traffic. Flintridge Sacred Heart will also ensure that any impacted residents are properly noticed prior to any major construction activity that may impact them. Our goal is to execute this project with as little disruption or inconvenience to the community as possible.

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