Catie Cross

Spanish Teacher
at FSHA since 2018
Catie Cross Spanish Teacher

How did you get interested in teaching a world language?

My interest in world language began at a young age; I fell in love with learning Spanish and learning about the different cultures in high school and continued to study it in college. I just pursued what I was interested in. Additionally, I loved working with students and young people. Before long, I realized that I could make a career out of it; it all happened very naturally.

What excites you about teaching a world language?

I love helping students realize that they can communicate in a different language, and because of that, the many doors that are opened to them. I think that languages are like doorways to other cultures, people and traditions. Learning a new language enables us to learn about people and about ways of life that are different from our own.

Why do you think it’s valuable for students to learn different languages other than their primary language?

I believe that it helps students to broaden their horizons and, hopefully, to be more compassionate, especially towards those things (whether they be people, food, culture, traditions, etc.) that are different to them.

What has been your proudest professional accomplishment at FSHA?

I am proud to have a classroom that fosters verbal communication in Spanish. Each of my classes begins with 10-15 minutes of speaking with one another in Spanish. It’s very rewarding for me to hear my students utilize the language we’re learning.

How do you integrate technology in the classroom?

Primarily, I’ve integrated technology into homework assignments. I use different applications like Textivate and Quizlet to allow further exposure to the language outside of the classroom. I have many different games that we play in class that utilize Google Slide presentations. I’ve also used Google Forms to create comprehensible input-based homework assignments.

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