When girls are on the center stage of an educational environment that makes it safe for them to explore and develop their passions, the potential for transformative growth is profound. At Flintridge Sacred Heart, every girl is embraced and honored for who she is. In an all-girls community, she is empowered to seek her truth where limitless possibilities for women to change the world are celebrated each day.

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What We Believe

At Flintridge Sacred Heart, we believe a girl must first know herself in order to serve God and others joyfully. Every day we light the path for each student to pursue truth in her studies—and in life—as she becomes a courageously curious thinker and the best version of herself. Because when we do, we unlock her limitless potential to positively impact the world.

Understand and Like Your True Self

On top of the academic pressures at a rigorous high school, the challenges from media and society for women to “be perfect” can be overwhelming. Particularly in the age of addictive technology applications that promote the craving to be “liked,” stress can have a devastating impact on girls’ self-esteem and physical well-being.

Based on our Catholic, Dominican mission and our understanding of the demands placed on adolescent women today, the adults in our community are committed to modeling authentic and healthy living for our students and to providing emotional support and compassion as a balance for their high academic expectations.

At Flintridge Sacred Heart, it isn’t about fitting a mold or striving to look or act in a certain way; the craving is not for “likes” but rather to understand and like your true self.

Finding balance and resilience on the Hill.

In the safe space [that Flintridge Sacred Heart provided], I was able to understand and put into practice how an empowered, independent woman lives her life.
—Carly Spina '15

Take Risks, Be Courageous, Embrace Your Passions

While society is still filled with messages about what girls can and cannot do, Flintridge Sacred Heart empowers girls to find their voice, embrace their passions, align their goals with their true selves, and pursue their goals with determination. Our community’s deeply rooted commitment to “Veritas,” the Latin word for “truth,” creates freedom for each girl to examine who she is, to take risks, and to be courageous about seeking what is true for her, even in the face of obstacles. Up on the Hill, the possibilities for women are sky high.

Embracing Our Passions on the Hill

Little did I know that auditioning would be an amazing start to a journey of finding who I truly am as a performer and as a person.
—Sofia Gutierrez '18

Ask questions and embrace your ideas without fear

In today’s increasingly polarized society, the persistent shouting and lack of listening have resulted in widespread disrespect for individual differences.

At Flintridge Sacred Heart, based on our Catholic, Dominican mission of upholding the dignity of every young woman, we commit to accepting, embracing, and honoring every girl for who she is. In a non-judgmental setting, we instill in our girls the confidence to be their authentic selves, to ask questions, and to express their ideas without fear; and with open arms, folded hands, and compassionate hearts, we listen. We foster a healthy and respectful exchange of ideas.

Developing our authentic selves on the Hill

Pursue truth in your studies, faith, relationships and individual identity

Students at Flintridge Sacred Heart pursue truth

Children are taught from an early age to always tell the truth, so it must be confusing to young adults today to live in a world where misinformation can be spread so easily and facts are often diminished. There is an opportunity to help young women grasp that a better understanding of self will provide a more focused lens through which they can relate to the world when they graduate.

“Veritas,” the Latin word for “truth,” is central to the Dominican order, and at Flintridge Sacred Heart, there is a vigilant commitment to the pursuit of truth. Teachers and administrators stir a deeper and fuller understanding of truth with the girls, be it in their studies, their faith, their relationships, or their individual identity. The college-level research program, as well as other teachings that develop critical thinking skills, allow young women to better understand themselves and to engage with the world confidently, actively, and safely.

Seeking truth and understanding on the Hill

Our faith lives centered around becoming the best versions of ourselves, not trying to fit into a box of what we thought was holy but living boldly, wildly and happily.
—Ally Clapp '14
Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy is an all girls' Catholic, Dominican, independent, college-preparatory day and boarding high school in the hills of La Cañada Flintridge. Overlooking Pasadena, FSHA educates girls from Los Angeles, Southern California and around the world for a life of faith, integrity and truth. 

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