In an effort to minimize traffic on the Hill and impact to our neighbors, FSHA has established a transportation program whereby all students are required to participate in one of the transportation options described below. The program is beneficial to our families as well, as it reduces overall transportation costs and provides another means by which students may meet and socialize with their classmates.

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Participation Options

Ride the Bus

If you live near a bus stop, this is the easiest option. It is convenient, safe, economical, eco-friendly, more reliable than car-transportation and provides relief to parent drivers. Currently, there are three bus routes. See the link to the right for our current bus schedule, which includes a late bus at 5:40 p.m.

students on the bus

The annual bus fee for the 2019-20 school year is $1,195. Siblings ride for free. In addition, parents are credited 15 service hours, a $225 value, reducing the cost to approximately $2.75 per trip. Sign up on or before registration day to receive a special discount.


Students who do not live near a bus stop may carpool with an eligible student driver or parent driver. FSHA provides a number of resources to assist parents in identifying a carpool partner.

Single Occupancy Vehicles

Only students with a zero period class or morning sports practice may arrive on campus with only one student in the car.

Morning vs. Afternoon Transportation Requirements

In April, registration is required for your transportation mode for arrival at school during the morning peak hours of 7 to 8 a.m. While students are encouraged to maintain their carpool/bus ridership during the peak afternoon hour of 2:45 to 3:45 p.m. as well, departure transportation modes are not mandated due to the variables in student after school activities.

What Students Have Said About the Bus Program

"It's a social fun time and easy way to make new friends. And, you can do your homework or take a nap because the seats are so comfortable." —Lauren Lubeley '19 and Jillian Willis '19

"I love riding the bus because everyone gets along so well—it's a bunch of friends socializing ... and Vanessa, the bus driver, is amazing!" —Samantha Martinez '18

transportation to school

"We have pizza parties, donuts and water bottles (when it's hot), and we get to use the aux cord to listen to music ... It's great!" —Audrey Ciampa '18

Transportation Program Contacts

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