Musicians from singers to violinists to drummers find a place in Vocum Veritas, our choir, Sonos Harmonia, our ensemble, and classes held in the Music Cottage.

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The Music Program at FSHA

Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy is committed to the education and intellectual nourishment of the whole person, allowing young women to discover and flourish as they prepare for college and beyond. To that end, our ensembles cultivate an environment where students grow and thrive not only as vocalists or instrumentalists, but also as well-rounded and well-educated artists. Students are guided down the path to becoming exemplary members of an ensemble, collaborative and supportive colleagues, and active members of the FSHA artistic community.

Choral Ensemble

In the FSHA Choral Ensemble students learn to be excellent musicians, as vocalists in a performing ensemble. Students develop their skills through the study and application of vocal techniques, such as breathing and vowel placement. They learn to sing in several languages, including English, Italian, French and German. Taking full advantage of today’s technology, use interactive ear training software to develop their intonation, sight singing and rhythmic skills. They are taught how to read and follow a musical score, how to follow a conductor, and how to sing as a cohesive musical unit in rehearsal and performance.

Instrumental Ensemble

In the FSHA Instrumental Ensemble students learn to be excellent musicians, as instrumentalists in a performing chamber music ensemble. Students develop their skills through the study and application of instrumental ensemble chamber music techniques. They learn to understand each player’s role at any given moment in a particular piece. They learn to listen keenly for intonation, blend and overall ensemble cohesiveness. With the help of faculty guidance and coaching, the students learn to work without a conductor, as collaborative players in a small ensemble setting.

Rehersal & Performance

The Choral and Instrumental Ensembles are conducted in rehearsal settings, where students learn proper rehearsal and performance decorum and practices. Students in the ensembles have the opportunity to perform works from numerous genres, from early classical to pop to musical theater. They perform throughout the year, at the Christmas and Spring Concerts, school liturgies, school special events and off- campus events and festivals.

The ensembles rehearse in the most historic building on the campus, dating back to the 1920s. It is here, in this extraordinarily inspiring setting, immersed in the design, furniture, fixtures and murals of the early 1900s, that students pursue the mastery of their vocal and instrumental skills.

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FSHA Co-Hosts Choral Festival

In October 2017, Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy and Mayfield Senior School hosted the Second Annual Southern California Women's Choral Festival in the Lounge at FSHA. Participating schools included Ramona Convent Secondary School, Marlborough School, Mayfield Senior School and FSHA.

choral festival
FSHA students performing during the Second Annual Southern California Women's Choral Festival

John Tebay, director of choral studies at Fullerton College, was on hand as the event's guest adjudicator. In this role, he worked with the choirs individually and as a group, advising and coaching them through their performances.

John Tebay choral studies Fullerton College
John Tebay works enthusiastically with the choirs

FSHA's Choir Wins Best Female Choir at Competition

Vocum Veritas Choir Choral Win
Vocum Veritas and music teacher Mr. Mosley on stage after winning Best Female Choir at World Strides On Stage

In May 2017, Vocum Veritas traveled to San Diego and participated in a choral competition hosted by World Strides On Stage. In the women’s choral division there were six choirs. Vocum Veritas scored 95 percent, taking first place in their division. Overall, the group placed third out of 19 choirs. What’s notable is that our 22 girls beat out other choirs three times their size with much more experience. Because our ladies scored a 95 percent, they were invited to attend the National Choral Festival in Chicago.

Vocum Veritas performs on stage at the Chicago Symphony Hall

Congratulations to the students in Vocum Veritas, FSHA's choir, for competing in their first ever national competition. They performed on the historic stage of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, conducted by nationally renowned directors while competing against more experienced choirs. Our choir, the smallest in the competition, has demonstrated so much growth and development in a few short years under the leadership and guidance of Mr. Mosley.

Vocum Veritas performs at the Chicago Symphony Hall
Vocum Veritas on stage at the Chicago Symphony Hall, spring 2018

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