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  • November

    Boeing Internship informational meeting on Nov. 27

    Hello Junior Parents & Students,

    FSHA has an ongoing relationship with Boeing Aerospace Corp to offer summer internships to rising seniors who are interested in exploring or gaining experience in science & engineering fields. These summer internships take place on site at the Boeing El Segundo campus over the course of 8 weeks in June, July, August. A couple of big advantages of this particular internship program include: 
    1. students are matched with Boeing employee mentors and get individual training and attention, 
    2. students contribute to actual, ongoing engineering projects as part of the Boeing Engineering team,
    3. timing is somewhat flexible to allow student to concurrently participate in sports, family vacation, etc. (i.e. This is not 8 weeks of full time internship). However, it is generally NOT possible to concurrently take FSHA summer school and the internship.
    ***The Boeing Rep will be on campus on Tuesday, Nov 27, 3:30 pm in the Physics Lab for an informational session. All parents/students who are interested in applying for the internship should attend this session. *** 
    Internship applications will be due in the spring.
    Please RSVP to this session by contacting Ty Buxman (tbuxman@fsha.org).
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  • During a new library event students and faculty shared about food traditions

    Sharitage (pronounced SHARE-itage) is a new monthly event hosted by the library. During the event Tologs share talents, educate us about something they do in their family or culture, or tell us a story about something interesting that happened to them outside of school time. This month’s Sharitage theme was food.

    On November 5, senior Charlotte Taormina, kicked off the first Sharitage with a PowerPoint presentation about the differences between Israeli and Palestinian falafel, and then she served us samples she made herself! The Godinez sisters from Latinas United in Action educated us about the food found on a Mexican ofrenda on Dia de los Muertos. Mr. D’Mello shared a Pakistani pork dish with everyone, and Ms. Ortega passed around candies that her grandmother used to give her when she was a child. All in all, a dozen students and staff were moved to stand up and share short personal stories about everything from the invention of Keebler fudge stripes to a cherished Armenian family recipe created in a time of war that is now carefully passed down from generation to generation here in the United States.
    The next event will be held on December 17 at lunchtime in the library. The theme will be holiday traditions in your family.
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  • Food drive taking place on campus this week

    ASB is sponsoring a non-perishables drive this week Monday, 11/12,  through Thursday, 11/15. Based on our student and adult service days this year, and a desire to continue a relationship with our local outreach centers, each class has a specific location they will be donating to, and list of items needed by that location. We are asking for a minimum donation value of $4.00-$5.00 and in exchange, each student who donates will receive a ticket that she can exchange for free dress on Friday, November 16.  As always, more is welcomed by each center as there is tremendous need! (Please note that this hyperlink is only accessible to FSHA email addresses. It will be on the class pages so that all students have the necessary information.)
    This food drive is the first for this school year. We are hoping that it’s success will allow us to hold one and possibly two more throughout the winter months. Thank you in advance for your participation!

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  • From Nurse Kathy: Teen Sleep Diary

    Check out the sleep diary that Nurse Kathy talked about during the assembly today! 
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  • Peyton Collins '19 spearheaded participation in walk supporting diabetes research

    Organized by Peyton Collins '21, Flintridge Sacred Heart students and faculty took part in the JDRF (Junior Diabetes Resarch Funding) Walk that took place at the Rose Bowl over the weekend. We had a blast supporting such a great cause!
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  • The fall play opens on Friday! Do you have your tickets?

    Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy proudly presents its 2018 Fall production of "GATHERING BLUE / THE GIVER." 

    Presented as two one-act plays, this production explores two very different societies in which young people use their power to rise up, affect change and lead the way to a better world. This is the theme of FSHA’s 2018-19 theatre season. We hope you’ll join us!

    Get your tickets now to "Gathering Blue / The Giver," Flintridge Sacred Heart's fall play!

    November 8 | Opening Reception at 6 p.m. - Curtain at 7 p.m.
    November 9 & 10 | 7 p.m.
    November 11 | 2 p.m.

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  • Volunteers needed for the fall play!!

    Volunteers are needed for FSHA's fall production, November 8-11.

    Click here for more information.
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  • October

    Halloween on the Hill Information & Guidelines

    “Halloween on the Hill” is a delightful celebration of Halloween. Held on or as close as possible to the actual date of Halloween (October 31), it is a day when break and lunch times are full of games and of course, candy!
    The FSHA Student Council plans, directs and staffs all the activities of the day. Students, Faculty and Staff are encouraged to come in costume (*see below for guidelines). The 2018 celebration will include music and the costume parade/contest at break in the morning and In’n’Out (Parents’ Guild) and games at lunch (which will be longer with the office hours minutes added). The traditional costume contest includes categories of funniest, most creative, group and detail. Students will be able to get and eat lunch. At around 12:50, activities will begin on senior patio. There will be bobbing for donuts in the trees, musical “candy walk” (think cake walk with candy!) pop-the-balloon foot fun and general candy eating. Festivities will end at 1:35 pm with clean up. Please see full schedule below!
    Please note: CLASSES ARE IN SESSION. We have fun but put the jokes and party aside during class time!
    *Costume guidelines:
    -Students must be able to get in and out of classrooms, desks, etc.
    -No costume may reference cultural stereotypes or in any way portray a negative implication regarding gender, race, color or religious tradition. Any such representation or implication will result in the student being asked to remove the costume along with disciplinary consequences. The Dominican Pillars of Community and Study should help inform decisions about costumes and appropriate attire.
    -“Sexy” is inappropriate for school and day time attire. This includes short shorts (ex. Daisy Dukes), sexy vampire/zombie (low cut or high slit dresses) and anything that is too revealing. If a student has to ask if it’s too much, it probably is!
    -Costumes should be fun and creative! Enjoy and have a good time!
    7:45 – 9:15 faculty meeting (late start for students)
    9:25- first bell
    9:30 – second bell
    9:30 – 10:50 – A
    10:50 – 11:05 – break and costume contest
    11:10 – 12:30 – B
    12:30 – 1:35 – Lunch and Halloween on the Hill
    1:40 – 3:00 – C – student dismissal
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  • Stagecraft students learn origami during Try-Day activity

    Sister Mary Yeun visited Mr. Wood's stagecraft class on Friday to teach students how to make origami cranes. In introducing the activity Mr. Wood said, "As you're working on your origami today, think about how important precision is in origami and how that applies to our work in stagecraft." The origami workshop is part of an ongoing series of Try-Day activities, where students get to choose an activity to try. Past Try-Day activities have included disco ball making and knitting.
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  • Father Daughter Dance Photos

    Dads and daughters danced the night away at Thursday night's "La La Land" themed Father Daughter Dance.
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  • Junior Ring Ceremony 2018

    With custom handshakes, dance moves and hugs, seniors present class rings to their junior sisters, who reciprocate with single red roses. Sr. Celeste was on hand to bless the rings and our students during this tradition that dates back to the earliest days on the Hill. Reflecting on the meaning of the moment, senior Ella Blain remarked, "Some days you just want to hold on. Junior Ring is a symbol of holding on. It will bring us back to this place and our experiences here."
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  • Celebrate Halloween on the Hill with an In-n-Out lunch

    Wednesday, October 31st at lunch
    Prepurchase your tickets online beginning September 24th or at school October 15th – 19th at lunchtime.  Choose from hamburgers, cheeseburgers or grilled cheese, all $12 each (includes chips & a drink).
    Cash, check or credit accepted.

    All orders must be paid in advance.  
    Don’t miss out on this spooktacular event!
    Brought to you by the FSHA Parent Guild

    Order now!
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  • Tolog Sisters Event

    Tologs Sisters was founded during the 2012-13 school by four students who were concerned that students without a (local) father or mother – for whatever reason – would feel left out of the parent/daughter events during the FSHA calendar year. Tologs Sisters offers an alternate dinner at North Shore Burger and a movie at La Cañada UA on the same evening as the Father Daughter Dance.
    Each student pays for her own expenses. Transportation for day students is arranged independently. Boarding students are provided with a ride each direction.
    Attendance has been small but those students participating have thoroughly enjoyed themselves! If a student is interested, please have her sign up on the list outside of Mrs. Johnston’s office!
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  • Inside Ms. Knypinski's French classes

    In Ms. Knypinski French classes, she helps students acquire language using popular songs, novels, current events, and other materials students find interesting. This reflects a move away from rote memorization and a move toward a more student-centered, immersive experience called compressible input. "The amount of French language my students have been able to use correctly, through speaking and writing, has been so inspiring and validating," said Ms. Knypinski.
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  • Boarding Hall Fun!

    From a beach themed bbq party and TBT movie night to an actual trip to the beach and boarding hall retreat, our boarding students have been having a blast on and off campus!
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  • FSHA's journalism class visits USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism

    Mr. Dibblee's journalism class visited the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism to talk to the student media outlets and learn how the school is taking a multimedia approach to 21st-century journalism. Thanks to the USC Annenberg Admissions Ambassadors for making this possible!
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  • Brianna Bronson '20 wins equestrian competition

    Congrats to Brianna Bronson '20, who placed first at the Saddle Seat & Western School League of Greater Los Angeles' horse show this weekend!
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  • Girls volleyball wins Division 1 Silver Bracket

    FSHA's volleyball team went 5-2 in San Diego at the So Cal Invitational Tournament to win the Division 1 Silver Bracket. Read the full Pasadena Sports Now coverage.
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  • Junior Lauren Nettels named San Gabriel Valley Girls Athlete of the Week

    Lauren Nettels '20, who runs cross country for Flintridge Sacred Heart, was named the San Gabriel Valley Girls Athlete of the Week by the San Gabriel Valley Tribune for her performance at the Stanford Invitational. Read more.
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  • Speech and debate team with Head Coach Leilani McHugh

    Speech & Debate team earns recognition from National Speech & Debate Association

    Congrats to FSHA's speech and debate team and Head Coach Leilani McHugh for making it into the National Speech & Debate Association's 100 Club, meaning our team is among the top 20% of schools nationwide! This is a demonstration of our team's commitment to learning essential life skills— including communication, research, listening, writing and organization. Go Tologs!
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  • Library kicks off a new monthly storytelling event

    Flintridge Sacred Heart's library is kicking off a new monthly event called Sharitage. Imagine what would happen if the storytelling podcast “The Moth” met Tologs Got Talent.
    We want members of the FSHA community to present five minute lightning talks. Share your hidden talent, educate us about something you do in your family or culture, or tell us a story about something interesting that happened to you outside of school time. No PowerPoints needed (unless you want them, of course).
    The first Sharitage will be on October 22. The theme for this month’s sharing is food (Yes! Please bring samples for us to eat!)
    Did your grandmother make a really delicious dish for special occasions? Did something embarrassing happen to you that involved food? Do you want to give a demonstration about how to make your favorite food? Have you written a song about food that you want to sing for us? Then sign up for a Sharitage Lighting Talk at: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pRFRWnuBuqp9yFft-Z7NHdfo1lAoslAyNGiInQFFtOU/edit?usp=sharing. We only have time for six presenters.
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  • Mother Daughter Communion Breakfast

    The Mother Daughter Communion Breakfast was filled with love! ❤️❤️
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  • Alyssa Cole '19 and Caroline Finnegan '19 are Royal Court finalists

    We're so proud of our Alyssa Cole '19 and Caroline Finnegan '19, who were among 44 finalists for the Tournament of Roses Royal Court.
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  • September

    Ninth graders attend their first retreat

    Our ninth graders attended their first retreat this week! They participated in group discussions, individual reflections, games and more as they explored friendship and how to make the most of their first year on the Hill. Thanks to our CMLT girls for leading the day!
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  • Please join us for the second annual DIG PINK event: Oct. 3

    Please join us on Wednesday, Oct. 3 starting at 4 p.m. for the Flintridge Sacred Heart vs. Mayfield Senior volleyball games. This event began last year between Flintridge Sacred Heart and Mayfield Volleyball teams with the goal of supporting ongoing breast cancer research.
    Game Schedule:  4pm | Freshman - 5:30 p.m. |  Junior Varsity - 6:30 p.m. |  Varsity
    The FSHA Booster Club is sponsoring hamburgers, chips and beverages for players, parents and attendees. The cost is $5 or you can make a donation to support cancer research. All proceeds go to the Pink/Breast Cancer Research & Awareness Foundation
    Volunteers needed to work the event / please contact:
    Karina Irribarren - 213.761.3433 - karina91030@yahoo.com
    Monica Georgopoulos - 213.399.0508 -  monicagoffice@gmail.com
    All donations appreciated!
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  • Have you registered for the Mother Daughter Communion Breakfast?

    The Parents' Guild of FSHA invites you and the significant women
    in your life to the Mother Daughter Communion Breakfast

    Legacy students and their alumnae relatives will be celebrated.

    Sunday, September 30

    9 a.m. - Welcome | 9:30 a.m. - Mass | Breakfast to follow
    Student Activities Center
    $28 per person

    Celebrant: Rev. Alan Phillip, C.P.
    From Mater Dolorosa Retreat Center

    Register now!
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  • Sophia Coffey '15 makes history at Seton Hall University

    Sophia Coffey '15, now a senior in college, made history at Seton Hall University, entering the top five for career assists in volleyball!
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  • Be a parent volunteer—sign-up today!

    Parents, now is your chance to sign up to start earning your service hours for the year. You can sign up for high school, advancement, Parents' Guild, Friends of the Arts, Booster Club events and more. We thank you in advance for all your help, as we could not run these events without our wonderful volunteers. Please sign up by October 1, 2019. Thank you.

    Sign-up Now!
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  • Dana Budzyn '13 will speak at TEDxPasadena

    On Saturday, Sept. 22, Dana Budzyn '13 will be a speaker at TEDxPasadena: Transform 2018. The event will take place at the Huntington Library and is dedicated to transforming the future and putting words to action. For information about her talk or for tickets, click here.
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  • Scenes from Kairos

    Half of our seniors atteneded Kairos, our student-led retreat just for seniors. The other half of students will attend in the spring.
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  • How do catapults work? Our physics students could teach you!

    Students in Mr. Buxman's physics class stepped away from their desks for a hands-on activity where they could see the science behind what makes a catapult work first hand.
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  • Thank you for supporting the 44th Annual Harry G. Johansing Golf Tournament & Dinner

    We are so grateful to everyone who supported scholarships at FSHA by attending our 44th Annual Harry G. Johansing Golf Tournament & Dinner at Brookside Golf Club! The event allows us to provide scholarships to students with financial need.

    Golf Results:
    1st Place: 3A: Carmine Italia, James Italia, Brian Reed, Ron Stavert
    2nd Place: 9B: Brendan Harper, Chris Liberio, Mathew McCarthy, Kenny Duroca
    3rd Place: 1B: Jack Gonterman, Sonia Gonterman, PJ Guida, Luis Arida
    1st Place Mixed: 5B: Philip Peterson, Paul Majich, Elizabeth Majich, Tom Polenzani  
    Hole In One for Safari Vacation Qualifier: Jeff Farroni
    Hit the Heart Winners: Ron Stavert, Pat McKiernan, Tim Von Der Ahe and PJGuida
    Received wine from Chris Condit donated by Traders Joes
    Bet on the Sister Winner:
    Received a Kindle with $25 Amazon Gift Card donated by Lauren Hernandez ’05 with CKW Uniforms
    On Course Game Winners: 
    -             Men’s Closet to the Pin / Brian “Mad Dog” Reed
    -             Women’s Closet to the Pin / Stephanie Contreras
    -             Men’s Longest Drive / Brett Hertz
    -             Women’s Longest Drive / Sonia Gonterman
    $1000 Gift Card: Catherine & Chris Kerley who then donated it back to the school
    Super Raffle Winners:
    -                Golfers, get your Swing on!: donated by the Lawlor family, Brookside, UGP and the Asmar family / Leninia & PJ Guida
    -                The Ultimate Cali Fun Package: donated by La Philharmonic, the Rasic family, Pinot Palette Studio and Parker Brown, Inc: / Karen & Dennis Maguire
    -                Hollywood Bowl: donated by Rita Illig ’76 & Klaus Liebelt / Carron & Jim Riedman
    Live Auction Winners:
    -                Mass & Dinner with Fr. Greg Boyle – Kristen & Pat McKiernan
    -                Mammoth Lake Condo for a weekend  - Jen & Phil Gordon
    -                Twohey’s Party Truck for 50 with rentals, DJ and flowers – Carmine Italia
    -                Mary Lane Café for 20 – Gael Davitt
    -                Meet & Greet Dodger broadcaster Jorge Jarrin – Charlotte Saydah
    -                St. Paddies with Daddies for 10 – Julie & Bill Miller
    -                Big Bear Cabin for a week – Colleen & Luke Welsh
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  • Ryan Dubb named Girls Athlete of the Week

    Ryan Dubb '19 named Girls Athlete of the Week by Pasadena News Now for her contributions on the volleyball court. Read the full coverage.
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  • Details for 9th & 10th Grade Service Day

    On Wednesday, Sept. 12 our freshman and sophomores will participate in a morning of service. We will partner with local organizations, learn about some of the challenges they face and engage in meaningful service opportunities. The goal is for our community to adopt skills, attitudes and knowledge from their experiences.

    Buses will take girls and chaperones to the schools, school vans will transport to other locations. School hours on Wednesday, Sept. 12 will be regular school hours, with ninth and tenth graders returning to campus by 12:30 p.m. for lunch followed by a 2:40 p.m. dismissal time. 

    The dress code for this day is a FSHA polo shirt with long pants or jeans (no rips, tears, or holes in the pants).
    If you have any questions, please call Gina Sandoval at 626-685-8300.  The school office will be closed from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.   
    Thank you,
    Sister Celeste
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  • The yearbook staff wants your input!

    The yearbook staff at FSHA would love your feedback on what you like about our yearbook and what you think we should include in this year's edition. Please complete our super short survey: https://goo.gl/forms/yOS8c50vaU7O5jFL2 by Tuesday, Sept. 11. Thanks so much for your feedback!

    The Yearbook Staff
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  • Alyssa Carter '16 gives empowering talk in Honors Scientific Research

    Alyssa Carter '16, a junior chemistry major at Duke University, returned to the SciSearch classroom to tell our newest scientists what research is like in college, answer questions and provide some perspective on how to approach senior year on the Hill.
    During her visit, she said encouragingly, "Don't limit yourselves because you are extremely talented. Strive to reach your goals."
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  • California Scholarship Federation Applications Now Available

    Hello Students grades 10 –12.  It is that time again to apply to CSF for membership. Please download the application and the course list, both of which can also be picked up from the CSF bulletin board. You will be using your grades from spring 2018 to fill out the application. Just a reminder tenth graders are eligible to apply for provisional membership! The directions are on the application but as always if you have questions please contact Mrs. Sonner, ssonner@fsha.org.  
    DUE DATE:  September 21, 2018 NO EXCEPTIONS
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  • Ellis DeJardin '18 receives rookie of the week recognition at Yale

    Congratulations to Ellis DeJardin '18, who was name the Ivy Rookie of the Week at Yale University for volleyball.  "Ellis was amazing this weekend," Yale head coach Erin Appleman said.  "She is super athletic and has a really good volleyball IQ.  I'm excited to work with her over the next four years." Read more on the Yale website.
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  • FSHA alumnae compete against each other in volleyball match

    Sophia Coffey '15, a senior at Seton Hall, and Kayla Lund '17, a sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh, were re-united this weekend during a volleyball match where they played against each other.
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  • Interested in joining the stage crew for the fall play?

    If you’re interested in being on stage crew for the fall play, "The Giver and Gathering Blue," please come to the theater scene shop this Thursday, September 6 after school for a brief informational meeting.  If you’re interested in a leadership position such as assistant stage manager, jouse manager, props master, or crew chief, please plan to stay a little longer for a brief interview with the technical director and stage manager.  Please contact Mr. Wood with any questions.
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  • LIFT UP LA CRESCENTA: Six Hour Prayer Time for the children and youth in our community!

    Join the Christian Life Church and pray for students as they return to school this fall. Prayer will be specifically for protection, peace of mind, purpose and blessing.

    Thursday, Sept. 6 from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m.
    Hosted by Christian Life Church – 3013 Montrose Ave. La Crescenta, CA
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  • August

    FSHA volleyball sweeps Alemany at home

    Check out this great coverage in the Daily News about our volleyball team and their defeat of Alemany. Go Tologs!

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  • Peyton DeJardin named Athlete of the Week by the LA Daily News

    Congratulations to Peyton DeJardin '22, who was named Athlete of the Week by the LA Daily News. You can read the full coverage here.
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  • Instrumental Music Ensemble is starting!!

    First meeting will be on Wednesday August 29, from 3:15-4:45 in the lounge in the Admin. Building. All instruments are welcomed!   

    We will have an introductory meeting and chat about the semester.

    On the first day, each student should also be prepared to play individually for 3-5 minutes for placement in the ensemble. Students can bring sections of pieces or entire pieces. This is not a test!  The day will be informal.  Students should bring music they like and are comfortable playing.

    The Instrumental Music Ensemble will focus on rehearsal and performance in small instrumental ensembles. Students will be guided and coached in their development as instrumentalists, ensembles members and in overall musicianship.

    Students are required to have had at least two years of private instruction on their instrument. (In some cases, this requirement might be waived by audition only. Students who have not had two years of private study should contact Dr. Grego by Tuesday August 28 to discuss waiving the requirement or starting private lessons so they can participate in the class in the future.)

    Every student enrolled is required to complete one hour a week of private lessons with their own instructor.  
    The Music Ensemble will perform during the semester and those that are interested will be encouraged to take part in the music group at the school liturgies.

    This class meets in the afternoon on Wednesdays - 3:15 p.m. to 5:15 p.m.

    Dr. Michael Grego is new at FSHA. Dr. Grego became involved at FSHA a few years ago as a parent of a FSHA student, and is now returning to teach music. He has a Doctorate in musical arts from USC and brings with him an extensive background in teaching and coaching. He is a member of the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra and Los Angeles Master Chorale Orchestra and performs with many other groups in Southern California.  He has performed in musicals at the Ahmanson Theater, Mark Taper Forum  and Segerstrom Performing Arts Center, in shows including "Phantom of the Opera," "Into the Woods," "South Pacific," "Putting It Together" and "Titanic."  He has played for over 120 movies and television episodes, and recorded in orchestras for several recording artists, including Josh Groban and Barbra Streisand.

    If you have questions, please reach out directly to Dr. Grego at mgrego@fsha.org.
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  • Summer construction update

    We’re excited to share some updates about a few construction projects that began over the summer. First, we completed a renovation of the biology lab, which included new lecture seating, improved lab benches and a new “SciSearch” lab.  Second, we renovated the pool locker room which is almost complete. The renovation includes: fresh paint, new shower stalls, flooring and new LED Lighting. Last, we are currently in the process of upgrading our fire protection infrastructure. This project includes a 55,000 gallon underground reservoir on the field, underground piping and new fire hydrants throughout campus. Trenching for the water lines is complete. The remaining work is limited to Crane field and is expected to be completed by the end of the calendar year.  If you have any questions about any of these projects, please contact Kent Allmon at 685-8372
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    The FOTA board is rebuilding this year! There are several positions available that all include getting to work with other parents and school leadership, receiving your service hours, and supporting our extraordinary arts faculty and visual and performing artists at FSHA. If you would like to find out more, please come to our first meeting of the year on Monday Aug. 27 in the school library at 6 p.m. If you have questions about the kind of work we do or the positions we have available, please email FOTA President Annette Ricchiazzi at annettemr@earthlink.net.
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  • FALL PLAY AUDITIONS are August 22, 23, and 24

    For all the information, download the audition packet here!
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  • Frosh/Soph volleyball team wins Ayala Volleyball Tournament

    Our frosh/soph volleyball team went 5-0 in pool play and the championship bracket. They then beat Bishop Amat 25-11 to win the Ayala Volleyball Tournament. This is a great start for our Tologs! Congrats to our young ladies and Coaches Ryan and Trent.
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  • New Student Orientation

    Between teambuilding activities, a campus tour, laptop boot camp, a fun pool party, our new students are busy getting to know each other, our teachers and the campus.
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    Have you purchased your textbooks yet? You must do so by Friday, August 17. 

    The textbook store is now open, and you can complete your entire textbook purchase at K12sd.com
    • ALL families must go to K12sd.com to pay the mandatory book fees for English, math and world language classes. 
    • For textbooks required in other classes, you may also purchase them from K12sd.com.  
    • If you would prefer to shop around, please reference this Google Sheet, which lists all departments, required and optional text books, ISBN numbers, and if the fee must be paid at K12sd.com.
    • For instructions on how to set up an account with K12, please click here.
    • Additional fees may be required for certain classes (including honors chemistry, environmental science, AP statistics and PE/health), please check K12sd.com or the Google Sheet for what each course requires.
    Deadline for Textbook Purchases: August 17 - Registration Day
    All fees must be paid for before books, codes and other resources will be distributed to students in August. English books will be given out on registration day, so please make sure to pay all fees by registration day, Aug. 17.  


    Questions can be directed to kdesmond@fsha.org.
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  • Reminder: RSVP for the Parents' BBQ on August 25

    The Parents' Guild is hosting the Third Annual Parents' BBQ on Saturday, August 25 at 6:30 p.m.

    Senior Lawn

    $28 per person
    Twohey's Food Truck & Ice Cream Sundae Bar
    Beer and wine host bar (included in price)
    Register now!
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  • Welcome to our new students

    We welcomed our new students to Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy on Sunday by hosting two special events-- New Resident Brunch (for our new boarding families) and the New Family Social (for all new families).
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  • FALL PLAY ANNOUNCEMENT, plus audition workshops & audition sign-up form

    THE FALL PLAY IS A DOUBLE-BILL OF TWO ONE-ACT COMPANION PLAYS:  "The Giver" and "Gathering Blue."  Both are adapted by Eric Coble from the novels by Lois Lowry.  All roles will be played by girls.  Detailed information regarding auditions and audition workshops can be found at this link: 
    If you have questions or concerns, please email Miss McEneaney, theatre director, at jmceneaney@fsha.org
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  • Find out how you can support scholarships at FSHA

    Flintridge Sacred Heart supports students with financial need through the Johansing Scholarship, which is awarded to students each year. All proceeds from the Harry G. Johansing Golf Tournament & Dinner go to the Johansing Scholarship, the largest endowed scholarship at Flintridge Sacred Heart. You can support future Johansing Scholars like Nia Harris '17 by participating in the 44th Annual Harry G. Johansing Golf Tournament and Dinner on Sept. 10 at the San Gabriel Country Club.

    "At FSHA, I learned to be an independent, strong, confident woman. FSHA taught me that my opinions matter, that all woman are important and can create amazing things in this world. Without FSHA, I would not have met my amazing friends and the amazing adults that have mentored me to be who I am today. Without FSHA, I would not be attending Northwestern University and would not have been prepared for the rigorous (but fulfilling) life of a student-athlete. So I am forever grateful for the Johansing Scholarship because, with this scholarship, I was able to attend FSHA–the place that sparked my leadership and curiosity for change." -- Nia Harris '17

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  • Rebecca & Rachel Salvo '06 receive special honor for volleyball

    Congrats to Rebecca Salvo '06 and Rachel Salvo '06! They were named to the Centennial Conference's Silver Anniversary volleyball team. 
    The Centennial Conference is celebrating 25 years as an elite small college athletic conference by announcing Silver Anniversary teams, which highlight the best of the best over their first quarter-century. You can read more here.
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  • July

    Sister Donna needs your support

    I wouldn't be the person I am today had it not been for the Dominican Sisters finding ways to support me and my family so I could attend San Gabriel Mission High just a few short (50 years!) ago.
    Flintridge Sacred Heart supports students with financial need through the Harry G. Johansing Golf Tournament & Dinner. Every event features a scholarship recipient speaking of her accomplishments and gratitude for the Johansing Scholarship, which keeps her dreams alive and her heart on fire. Each year, I have been duly impressed and moved by what benefactors and generous hands can provide. Oh, how I’ve enjoyed the fun of the sisters’ putting challenge and the pressure to score for my sponsors and our Tolog families!
    I won't be able to have memorable fun at this year's tournament, so I’m asking you to fill in for me by supporting the Harry G. Johansing Golf Tournament & Dinner on Sept. 10. Sign-up now to golf, toast, put your money down and raise that paddle to support our Tologs!

    Sr. Donna Marie Nicholas, O.P.
    Read More
  • Tologs Named to All-Area Softball Second Team

    Tologs Alli Lombardo '18 and Cate Ziegler '20 (pictured) have been named to the All-Area Softball Second Team! Congrats! Read the coverage in the Glendale News-Press.
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  • Support scholarships at FSHA

    Join us for the Harry G. Johansing Golf Tournament & Dinner on Monday, Sept. 10 at the San Gabriel Country Club. All funds raised support scholarships at Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy! Register now: http://www.fsha.org/golf
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  • FSHA’s summer project to upgrade our fire protection infrastructure continues

    We’ve dug a large hole in Crane Field to prepare for the installation of an underground reservoir. The hole is so large we can fit a truck and excavator in it. Where has all the dirt gone? The Palmerstone Lot! Much of it will return to the field and serve as backfill once the reservoir is in place.
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  • June

    Class of 2019: Only Two Senior Portrait Make-Up Days

    Prestige Portraits has scheduled two make-up days for senior portraits on July 2 and 3 between 8:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. To schedule a senior portrait session, please call 626-577-7012, extension 2. 
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  • Urgent Reminder for Class of 2019

    Prestige Portraits is handling senior portraits for our seniors. To schedule your senior portrait session, call 626-577-7012, extension 2.

    Portrait sessions can be scheduled through June 15.
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  • Alumnae Family Fun Day Was a Blast!

    We had a great day welcoming back our alumnae and their families on the Hill at our Family Fun Day!
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  • Kristen Schwarz '02 joins board of Leadership Pasadena

    Congrats to Kristen Schwarz '02, who has been named to Leadership Pasadena's Board of Directors! Read on more details.
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  • Check out FSHA's graduation video!

    Did you miss graduation? Want to watch it again? Check out our video recording!

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  • Baccalaureate Mass

    On Saturday, parents, faculty and staff gathered on Senior Lawn for an intimate Baccaluareate Mass.
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  • Congratulations to the Class of 2018

    We held our final celebration of the Class of 2018 with Sunday's graduation. Grduates and their families heard from Juli Roginson-Goodwin '87, this year's commencement speaker, and Lauren Risha, FSHA's valedictorian.
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  • Senior Awards ceremony celebrates student accomplishments

    Students from the Class of 2018 were recognized for academic, co-curricular and service achievements. Congratulations to our students for working hard throughout the school year!
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  • Boarding Hall Update

    Greetings from Residential Life at Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy!
    It's hard to believe the end of the year is here! May has been a month full of joyful celebration for our upcoming graduates, as well as a month of fun and planning for what is to come next year. Keep reading to see what we've been up to...
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  • Senior Bunch hosted by the Class of 2021

    Seniors and freshmen spent the last day of school together during Senior Brunch, an annual tradition on the Hill. The freshman planned, decorated and hosted this special event.
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  • Mr. Buxman's engineering class created prototypes to solve real world problems

    In Mr. Buxman's engineering class, teams of students were tasked with creating innovative prototypes that could solve real world problems. Projects included an automatically refilling dog bowl, an automated pancake flipper, a car that can be driven by someone with missing limbs, an alarm clock that wakes people with a gesture rather noisy buzzer and more.
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  • May

    Can't make it to graduation on Sunday? Watch the live stream!

    Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy will live stream graduation on Sunday, June 3 at 5:30 p.m.

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  • Last Mass of the year includes Candle Rose ceremony

    On Thursday, the FSHA community gathered together for one last Mass before the school year ends. During the traditional Candle Rose ceremony, juniors and seniors exchanged lit candles and roses, symbolizing the transfer of wisdom and leadership to the younger class.
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  • Research Night showcases academic accomplishments of our seniors

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  • Physics Regatta

    Mr. Buxman's physics students competed in the ever popular Physics Regatta today. With only cardboard and packing tape as their boat-building supplies, students carefully crafted their boats by applying the skills learned in physics class.
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  • Running of the Seniors

    Running of the Seniors is a time honored tradition on the Hill. It's the one chance our seniors get to run screaming through the high school building, across campus and then jump into the pool for a quick dip!
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  • Vocum Veritas Spring Concert

    Vocum Veritas, FSHA's choir, performed at their annual Spring Concert Sunday night. Thank you to everyone in our community who joined us for this performance. 
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  • Save the date for next year's golf tournament!

    We wish you a wonderful summer! Please save the date for Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy's golf tournament next year, which will take place on Monday, Oct. 15, 2018 at a new location, the San Gabriel Country Club. More details to follow.
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  • Tickets for the Vocum Veritas spring concert on sale NOW

    May 20 | 4 p.m. 
    Mozilo Theatre
    $10 | free for childen 12 and under

    Buy tickets!
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  • Join us for Student Research Showcase on May 23

    Join us on May 23, 2018 at 7 p.m. for Student Research Showcase! Find out what our talented student researchers have been up this year during the evening's poster session and more in-depth presentation sessions of select projects. The event will feature research conducted as part of FSHA's Senior Research Project and Honors Scientific Research course. Alumna Kelly Fradet '17 will return to give the keynote address. 

    Seating will be limited and provided on a first come-first served basis. 
    The keynote address will be streamed in the Arts Center lobby for anyone who does not get a seat in the theatre.

    Student Research Sneak Peek

    Check out just a couple of the student research projects to be featured at the Student Research Showcase

    Website by Erin Cross

    Mushi: Why Americans Reject the Wonderful World of Eating Insects

    While the rest of the world practices entomophagy (eating insects), America’s western ethnocentric views prevent Americans from regularly practicing this. Most Americans have a preconception that entomophagy is disgusting and bizarre. It becomes easy for Americans to look down on and judge the people of a culture that eats insects. Unaccepting of this foreign practice, Americans continue unsustainable, impractical, and unbeneficial practices that fail to efficiently feed people.
    SciSearch Project by Cate Doud, Lauren Risha & Claire Villegas

    Fueling the Future: Inducing Stress in Chlorella Sorokiniana to Optimize Production of Microalgal Biofuels

    Starving microalgae of essential nutrients causes it to stockpile fat (oil) that can be harvested for transportation fuel.  Can growing it in wastewater save money and allow ‘biofuel’ to compete at the gas pump?

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  • TODAY: creative writing students read their work in room 20

    Mr. Diblee's creative writing class will be reading samples from their work today at 12:45 p.m. in room 20.
    The readers are:
    Christy Valdivia ’18 – personal essay
    Eva Karakeryan ’18 – poetry
    Caroline Finnegan ’19 – scene from an episode of Friends she’s writing
    Genesis Li ’18 – poetry
    Ashley McCorkle ’19 – scene from an episode she’s writing of the show White Collar
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  • Dance Company Auditions

    Audition for one of FSHA's dance companies! There will be an informational meeting on May 21, 2:45 p.m. to 3:10 p.m. in the Dance Studio. RSVP to cmontoya@fsha.org.
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  • FSHA Laptop Program Survey for Parents

    It's hard to believe, but we are now in the sixth year of our 1:1 laptop program at FSHA. We have made small tweaks over the years, but our devices, policies and management practices have remained relatively unchanged since we rolled it out back in 2012.  

    Now is a good time to take a critical look at the program to see if the devices, policies, management and even ownership model are still meeting the needs of our community. As part of that effort, we are asking current parents a few questions to gauge your satisfaction with this program. Please take a few moments to participate in this very brief survey. Your thoughtful responses will help us shape the program moving forward.

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  • FSHA recognizes faculty and staff for outstanding performance

    Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy recognized eight faculty and staff members for their outstanding performance during the 2017-18 school year by awarding them each the Distinguished Employee Award. Award recipients were chosen by Sr. Carolyn McCormack, O.P., president, and Sr. Celeste Botello, O.P., principal, from nominations made by department chairs and other employees.

    This year's recipients include:

    Liz Krider - honors scientific research
    Kathy Desmond - academic dean
    Gina Sandoval - administrative assistant
    Kristina Ortega - religion teacher and department chair
    Drew Eisenstein - English teacher
    Bridgit Johnston - admissions
    Janis Tista - business office
    Heather Kent - visual arts teacher
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  • Speech & Debate novices take second in their division championships

    Our novices (first-year participants) competed at our league’s Novice Champs Tournament and represented FSHA very well ---  Our team took 2nd place in our Division C. 
    Ella Kitt took fifth place in impromptu speaking out of 42 competitors, while the public forum debate team of Lily Jiang and Victoria Hernandez placed fourth in a strong field of 18 competitors.
    Our varsity team members were such a great help over the weekend encouraging our novices and judging in other categories to cover our team’s judging obligation– special thanks to Samantha Godinez, Daniella Gurrola, Hannah Douglas and Cinthya Hernandez!
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  • Boarding Hall Update

    Greetings from Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy!
    April was another busy month in residential life, with two fun weekend outings and an intentional focus on celebrating our planet in honor of Earth month. Keep reading to see what we've been up to!
    On Saturday, April 14, we went on an outing to Santa Monica—we were able to enjoy the beach, hang out at Santa Monica Pier, and do some shopping at Third Street Promenade. The next day, we enjoyed an afternoon of hot pot with Ms. Katie.
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  • Boarding Hall Update

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  • Photos from Gala!

    Thank you to everyone who joined us on Saturday for Gala! We are so grateful to our community for supporting our largest fundraising event of the year.
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  • Jennifer Miranti '17 gives TedTalk at Santa Clara University event

    Check out this TEDx talk by Jennifer Miranti '17, former speech & debate team captain. She was the only freshman from Santa Clara University's engineering school chosen to give a Ted. Her topic is an important issue that few have ever heard about, and she presents it in a clear, entertaining, yet informative fashion. This talk grew out of her Senior Research Project at FSHA. 
    We are so proud of her!

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  • "Jesus Christ Superstar" dazzles audiences

    Over the course of six performances and two casts, our student actors put on a great production of "Jesus Christ Superstar."
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  • FHSA's Renaissance Club Hosts Badminton Tournament

    Last week, FSHA's Renaissance Club hosted a badminton tournament in the SAC during lunch. Here's some of the action!
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  • Ms. Murphy asks, "Have you Registered for Student Research Showcase?"

    I'm excited to invite you to our Student Research Showcase, taking place on May 23 at 7 pm! Space is limited, so make sure you register as soon as possible.

    I am so proud of our seniors for tackling a wide range of research topics and creatively completing their final projects. I hope you will join us in celebrating the work of our senior researchers.

    At the event, we'll highlight some of the most exciting research conducted for the SRP and Honors Scientific Research course by the students listed below.

    Amelia Andrews
    Angie Zhao
    Audrey Ciampa
    Bobbie Byrne
    Caitlin Bury
    Chloe Gudino
    Cinnia Smith
    Cinthya Hernandez
    Clara Fermanian
    Clare Boldt
    Claudia Ruder
    Ellis DeJardin 
    Cate Doud
    Elizabeth Patterson
    Erin Cross
    Gina Guan
    Michelle Liu
    Marina Francis
    Megan Gmelich
    Mia Hanlin - Valencia
    Darcy Michero
    Morgan Sarno
    Lauren Risha
    Sophis Pappas
    Genevieve Spiotto
    Stephanie Emrey
    Claire Villegas
    Vivian Ji
    Zoe Drobenko

    Kelly Fradet '17 will be on hand to give our keynote, followed by a poster session and more in-depth student research presentations. Read on for a sneak peek of some of this year's research topics. Hope to see you there!

    Ms. Murphy
    Librarian & Curriculum Resource Specialist
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  • Ms. Ortega, pictured at FSHA giving the reflection at a past Mass

    Ms. Ortega, religion department chair & teacher, profiled in America: The Jesuit Review of Faith & Culture

    Our very own Ms. Ortega has been profiled in "What can Catholic moms do if they want their children to remain Catholic? Let go." in "America: The Jesuit Review of Faith & Culture." 

    Click here to read the whole article.

    Here's an excerpt from the article quoting Ms. Ortega:
    That is certainly true for Kristina Ortega, a Los Angeles mother of two young boys, whose father immigrated to the United States from Mexico. “So much about being Catholic is cultural for me,” Ms. Ortega said. “I don’t know how to separate my Catholic-ness from my Mexican-ness.”

    Catholicism, for her, includes assembling altars for the Day of the Dead with her children and praying novenas after the death of a loved one. The family is part of a mostly Latino parish, another way of keeping the children connected to their culture, and the boys, who are 5 and 8, attend Catholic schools, as she and her husband did.

    But the family is also intent on introducing practices of their own. “Part of Latino culture is that religion is something women do,” Ms. Ortega said. “It’s important to me that my children see my husband is engaged.”

    Both she and her husband firmly believe that a big part of being Catholic is not just believing in something but acting on those beliefs, something Ms. Ortega credits to her Jesuit education at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. They know their family is, in her words, “incredibly privileged,” and they want their children to “see what the rest of the world is like.” 

    Keep reading the article.

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  • Parents, please RSVP for the Senior Parents Volunteer Appreciation & Installation Mass

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  • FSHA's Art Show

    At FSHA's Art Show, our visual artists displayed pieces that represented the culmination of their hard work and creative exploration.
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  • Volunteer at Gala THIS Saturday, May 5

    Gala is sold out, but there's still an opportunity to volunteer at Gala! Please consider volunteering your time and/or that of your daughter. Gala service hours may be put toward either this year’s or next year’s total. Visit the Sign-Up Genius link to see the available volunteer opportunities.
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  • Senior Parent Information Available for Download

    All of the information given to senior parents at the information meeting on Monday April 30, can be found here.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email Ms. Ortega or Ms. Contreras.
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  • April

    Gala Needs Your Help!

    FSHA's Gala, Fiesta on the Hill, is right around the corner, and we need your help to pull it all together.  Please consider volunteering your time and/or that of your daughter prior to or on the day of the event. All Gala service hours received may be put toward either this year’s or next year’s total, so sign-up today to fulfill your commitment or get a jump start on next year (The Gala Volunteer chair will handle all reported hours. Please do not report Gala hours to Tolognet). 
    Visit the Sign-Up Genius link to see all of the available volunteer opportunities. We thank you in advance for helping to make this event a success!
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  • Don't Miss "Jesus Christ Superstar," opening tomorrow

    Tickets for Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy's production of "Jesus Christ Superstar" are now on sale! New shows have been added on Saturday at 2 p.m. and Sunday at 7 p.m. Buy tickets now!


    APRIL 26 | 6pm Reception | 7pm Curtain | $20  Sold out!
    APRIL 27 | 7pm | $17 Sold out!
    APRIL 28 | 2pm | $17
    APRIL 28 | 7 pm | $17 Sold out!
    APRIL 29 | 2pm | $17 Sold out!
    APRIL 29 | 7 pm | $17
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  • Incoming parents welcomed during New Parent Social

    We were thrilled to welcome incoming parents to the Hill during our New Parent Social!
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  • Signing Day for Two Tologs

    Two of our student athletes have committed to playing a sport on the collegiate level− Zoe Drobenko will attend St. Francis Brooklyn for water polo and Maddie Pernecky will attend Southern Methodist University for volleyball. Congratulations!
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  • Follow up survey from Diversity Assembly

    Hello everyone, 

    Please help us gather further information on cultural identity at FSHA via this survey:  https://goo.gl/forms/5QiW2FcITjjJQqE42
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  • Mental Health and Awareness Committee bake sale on Thursday, April 26

    Join the Mental Health & Awareness Committee for a bake sale on Thursday, April 26!

    Proceeds will go to support the Lethart Organization for the Mental health of left-behind children in China. For more information about the organization, watch this video:

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  • Seniors: purchase your Disneyland tickets online now!

    Senior Disneyland Day | Buy Tickets Now
    Friday, May 25
    Leave FSHA at 8:00 am.
    Return to FSHA by 11:00 pm
    $125.00 for park ticket and bus or $25.00 for just the bus.
    Payments may only be made online and are due by Friday, April 27.
    Ticket orders are final and reimbursements will not be given.
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  • Suegene Kim Assembly - 20 Year Anniversary

    FSHA celebrated Suegene Kim '01's life on the anniversary of her tragic death in 1998. Her parents, friends and Flintridge Sacred Heart community were in attendance for this event.
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  • FSHA's Renaissance Presents FSHA Fair 2018!

    Join FSHA's Renaissance club on Friday, May 18 for FSHA Fair 2018! Free admission! Featuring a jump house, blowup obstacle courses, raffle, DJ stages, jumbo screen, bingo, food trucks, carnival games and more. 
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  • Join us at Gala and support our classroom renovations.

    Join us at Gala, where all proceeds from the paddle raise will support our classroom renovations. Watch the video below to learn more! Register now: http://fsha.org/gala

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  • March

    Choir on stage at first national competition

    Congratulations to the students in Vocum Veritas, FSHA's choir, for competing in their first ever national competition. They performed on the historic stage of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, conducted by nationally renowned directors while competing against more experienced choirs. Our choir, the smallest in the competition, has demonstrated so much growth and development in a few short years under the leadership and guidance of Mr. Mosley.
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  • Alumnae Networking Night

    Our alumnae gathered at the LA Athletic Club last Thursday for our annual Professional Women's Network event. While mingling with fellow Tologs, attendees also had the opportunity to get complimentary professional head shots taken and had first access to our new Industry Insider Series.

    Our new Industry Insider Series offers exclusive opportunities to meet with industry experts for personal Q&A sessions this spring. Space is extremely limited, so interested alumnae should register now!

    Industry Insiders include:
    • Rene Fradet, CFO: JPL (Past Parent)
    • Juli Goodwin Roginson 87, Former Executive Vice President, Domestic Publicility: Warner Bros. 
    • Christine Longo Navarro '82, Associate Partner, Pacific Union International
    • Amy Heller Onderdonk '00 and Kim Heller '03, Speech-Language Pathologist and RN, CHLA
    • Colin Tom, Owner, New Moon Restaurants (Past Parent)
    • John Lombardo, Attorney, Partner: Arnold & Porter (Parent)
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  • Inside the physics classroom

    Throughout the year, our physics students put their newfound knowledge to the test by building a variety of projects, such as spaghetti bridges, arcade games and human sized connect four. 
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  • Julia Powers '19 brings back salon at Glendale senior-care facility

    Junior Julia Powers helped renovate a neglected hair salon at the Twelve Oaks Lodge, a senior-care facility, in Glendale as part of her Girl Scout Gold Award. Read more in the Glendale News-Press.
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  • Vocum Veritas explores Chicago during competition trip

    Our choir Vocum Veritas did some signtseeing while in Chicago for the World Strides competition. Here they are exploring the city!
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  • Mother Daughter Luncheon

    Our Mother Daughter Luncheon took place on Sunday at the Oakmont Country Club.
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  • Memorial Service commemorating lives lost at Parkland High School to be held

    The FSHA student body is invited to attend a Memorial Service at La Cañada Memorial Park, tomorrow evening, from 5:30 - 6:30 pm. This gathering is hosted by the ASB boards of La Cañada High School, Flintridge Prep and FSHA. It will be to commemorate the 17 lives lost at the Parkland, Florida High School. There will be booths available to register and pre-register (16 year olds) to vote (NOT for a particular issue but as public participation awareness). This is a collaborative effort of high school students for high school students, with adult community members invited to attend as they wish. As with our morning memorial event, this is an "attend by choice" service that is grounded in our Catholic, Dominican roots about grief and against gun violence; not a political statement.
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  • Prom tickets for sale online

    "Magical Masquerade" Prom Tickets
    April 20, 2018
    7 p.m. to 11 p.m.
    Buy your prom tickets online!

    Alexandria Ballrooms
    501 S. Spring Street, Los Angeles

    In order to facilitate security for this event (follow up with appropriate permission slips as necessary), we are limiting online purchases to two tickets per purchaser and requiring name fields to be filled in. This mirrors the hard ticket sale process where names are recorded manually to create the door check-in and guest list. 
    If you need additional tickets, please see Mr. Cramer and/or Mrs. Johnston. Thank you in advance!”

    March 15 - 18 (Thursday-Sunday) -- $85 (15% off)
    March 19 - 23 (Monday-Friday) -- $90 (10% off)
    April 9 - 11 (Monday-Wednesday) -- $100 (full price)

    IMPORTANT: You must pick-up your physical tickets from Mr. Cramer in Room 23 the day following your online purchase. You MUST turn in your Prom Permission Slip at the time of ticket pick-up, and any girls with library fines of any kind will not be allowed to pick-up their tickets. You must have the physical tickets with you in order to be admitted to the event.
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  • We are so excited to welcome new students to the Hill

    Congratulations future Tologs!

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  • Advanced theatre class produces short play by Lin-Manuel Miranda

    Our advanced theatre class performed is a talented bunch! They produced "21 Chump Street," a 15-minute musical that they performed during lunch today. This completely student driven show starred Maggie Maguire, Megan Alle, Clara Fermanian, Bella Silva, Christine Grimes, Emilie Olmsted and Olivia Pieterse. With music and lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda, the show is about a high school student who falls in love with a new student who has a secret. It is based on the story by Robbie Brown, which originally appeared on WBEZ's "This American Life."
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  • Essay contest offers opportunity to earn college scholarship money

    Facing History and Ourselves has announced its annual essay contest. This year’s prompt is a really good one.  Winners can earn scholarship money. For more information, visit https://www.facinghistory.org/together/2018-contest.

    Info about this year's essay prompt:

    In the documentary film American Creed, former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Pulitzer Prize-winning historian David M. Kennedy come together from remarkably different life experiences, backgrounds, and points of view to investigate the idea of a unifying American creed. At a time of sharp political and social tensions, their spirited inquiry frames the stories of a wide range of citizen-activists striving to realize their own visions of America’s promise across deep divides.

    “In times like this, we need stories that remind us of the ideals that hold us together.”
    Pulitzer Prize-winning Historian, David Kennedy

    A national identity is more than a list of diverse qualities and characteristics of the citizenry, it is also a collection of knowledge and values shared across the nation. In thinking about the stories and ideals that unite us as something larger than a collection of individuals, Facing History hopes to inspire young people to engage deeply in a conversation about who we are, and who we want to be. After watching one or more clips from American Creed, respond to the following in 500 words or less:
    Tell a story that you believe shows the power of uniting people, building bridges, or orienting us to what we share and the common good.

    Your story can be one from history or from your own community. You can choose to tell the story of an upstander (A person who speaks or acts in support of an individual or cause, particularly someone who intervenes on behalf of a person being attacked or bullied) or the story of a group that faced challenges and made a positive difference through their actions. Please tell us your story and explain what you hope people will learn from it.
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  • Alumnae bring enthusiasm and expertise to FSHA's Career Day

    More than 30 alumnae returned to the Hill yesterday to serve as panelists for FSHA's annual Career Day. Juniors and seniors attended three sessions and chose among six panels, including STEM, entrepreneurship, marketing, medical and health, arts and entertainment, and business. Alumnae were excited to share with students their experience and answer their questions. We are so grateful to our alumnae who generously shared their time on the Hill to meet and chat with students.
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  • Attention Parents: The Institute for Girls' Development is hosting an event on March 13


    The Institute for Girl's Development is having a FREE public community talk. 

    March 13
    San Marino Community Church 

    College Grit: Getting Ready in Mind, Body, and Spirit 
    with Monica Valdivia-Aguilar, MA, LMFT and Dr. Grace Goodman, Licensed Psychologist 

    For more information go here.
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  • Boarding Hall News

    Greetings from Residential Life at Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy!
    The month of February in the boarding hall was spent exploring and celebrating our diverse cultures in a number of ways—keep reading to see what we've been up to.
    We kicked off our month with a Super Bowl viewing party on February 4, complete with an array of snacks, and lots of excitement over the Justin Timberlake halftime show.
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  • Maggie Maguire receives Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen Award

    Maggie Maguire '18 was awarded the Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen Award during a luncheon last Friday. She is pictured with her parents, Dennis and Karen Maguire, and with fellow awardees from local high schools, CV High School, Flintridge Prep, Clark Magnet and La Cañada HS.
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  • Mother Daughter Luncheon

    Don't miss this year's Mother Daugther Luncheon!


    March 18 @ 11:30 a.m.
    Location: Oakmont Country Club
    Registration coming soon.
    Senior parents, please send 2-3 pictures for slideshow to Mccorkle64@sbcglobal.net.
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  • March 14, 2018: National School Walkout

    The FSHA community is accepting the invitation to advocacy with participation in the nationally discussed National School Walkout. Our involvement in this event was proposed by our Student Body Officers and Student Council Representatives. Observed on March 14th, from 10:00 -10:17 am, this period of silence is a statement of respectful memorial of the lives lost in Florida at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and an action of advocacy protesting gun violence. As always, our support is apolitical. We are acting from our Catholic Dominican roots, supporting the tenets of Catholic Social Justice and our own Charism of Veritas. And, sensitive to the strong emotions surrounding the involved issues, adult and student community members are invited – NOT required – to participate as they wish. We wanted to be sure that you were informed about this event in advance. Please know that both of our administration advisory bodies (Admin Team and Academy Administration) and our President and Principal approve and support this action. As organizers and leaders of the event, our student body officers have determined to keep things simple. There will education by them for the student body in the time leading up to the walkout. Morning Prayer on the 14th will include a roll call of the names of those killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School concluding with the Dominican Blessing. At 10:00 am, those students and adults on campus who wish are invited to gather on the upper parking lot, standing in a circle beginning and ending at our Peace Pole. There will be no media coverage of this event out of respect for the integrity of the Walkout. Students have also asked that this not be an open event (we are not inviting parents, etc.) and our gates will be closed for privacy and traffic issues.

    The ASB has included some informational links below.

    Please contact Mrs. Johnston (rjohnston@fsha.org) with any questions you might have.

    CNN List of 17 Shooting Victims (includes photo and short biography)
    Read More
  • Don't miss the advanced theatre students performing on March 8

    21 Chump Street, performed by the students in the block F advanced theatre class, is a show about a high school student who falls in love with a new student who has a secret. The show is 15 minutes long and will be performed on March 8 at lunch in the theater. Admission is $2 and our goal is to raise $300.
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  • Juniors & seniors, check out the panel options for Career Day on Monday!

    Hello Juniors and Seniors, 
    Career day is taking place this Monday during Flex Block. There will be more than 30 alumnae who are eager to come back to the Hill and share information on their careers with you. There will be six panel options for the afternoon: arts and entertainment, business, entrepreneurism, medical and health, STEM and marketing. You will have the opportunity to visit three panels of your choice.
    Please take a moment to review the brochure before Monday to plan which panels you would like to attend. Also, feel free to ask the panelists as many questions as you would like. Remember, they were once sitting where you are and can relate to anything you are wondering!
    See you on Monday,
    Ms. Connor
    Director of Alumnae Relations
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  • La Cañada High School District presents a Family Learning Series Event

    Challenge Success | Dr. Denise Pope, Challenge Success Co-Founder

    Monday, March 5, 2018
    6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.

    La Cañada High School Auditorium
    4463 Oak Grove Drive.

    This Family Learning Services event welcomes Dr. Denise Pope to La Cañada Unified and invites parents, guardians, community members, and students in grades 7-12 to hear her speak about raising well-balanced children and the many myths about getting into college.

    For questions or additional information about Challenge Success in LCUSD, please contact jcartnal@lcusd.net.
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  • Sophomores and seniors win Prom Dress Collection competition

    Sophomores and seniors collected the most number of dresses during this year's Prom Dress Collection. All dresses will be donated to Salvation Army's "Cherished Memories" campaign, which provides dresses to girls in the Pasadena area, so they can attend prom.
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  • February

    Have you purchased your tickets to the Dance Concert?

    Click here to purchase tickets to FSHA's Dance Concert.

    The 2018 Dance Concert, “Voices,” will explore the connection between dance and literature as it weaves movement and language into art. Inspired by their favorite books and authors, our “storytellers” will show how literature can be illuminated through music and dance.
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  • Boeing internship deadline: Monday, March 19

    Boeing Summer Internship 
    Application Due – Monday 3/19
    The application for Boeing Summer Engineering Internship is now available. Application should be completed and submitted to Mr. Buxman by Monday, 3/19. Please contact Mr. Buxman with any questions (tbuxman@fsha.org).
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  • Hall of Fame event honors alumnae athletes

    On Saturday, we inducted Giselle Galanto-Weaver '06 (soccer) and Stefanie Chan '07 (soccer) into FSHA's atheltics Hall of Fame. Alumnae, parents, students and faculty gathered to honor our inductees.
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  • Latinas United in Action students learn about East Los Angeles walkouts

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  • Sign-up for Youth Day 2018: Dare to Believe

    When: Thursday, March 15, 2018

    Transportation:  Meet at St. Bede’s in La Cañada at 6:15 a.m., we will be back at St. Bede’s by 5 p.m.

    Open to all interested 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th graders

    Youth Day is the first day of the Religious Education Congress. Held annually, Youth Day is a day for young people from across the Archdiocese and beyond. More than 14,000 young people (9th-12th graders) and their chaperones gather for a rally, keynote, liturgy, workshops, music and more . It will be held at the Anaheim convention center, and will be tons of fun!


    How to Sign-Up: 
    Please turn in permission slip and $35 to Ms. Davitt by March 2! Click here to download the permission slip.
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  • USCCB President, Vice President, and Migration Chair Announce National Call-in Day for Dreamers for February 26

    The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has announced that Monday, February 26 will be a day on which the faithful of this country are encouraged to call their elected officials to urge them to support legislation that would protect “Dreamers”, young people who are currently undocumented and were brought to this country as children by their parents.  The bishops remind us that "Our faith compels us to stand with the vulnerable, including our immigrant brothers and sisters. We have done so continually, but we must show our support and solidarity now in a special way. Now is the time for action."
    On February 26, the Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy community is invited to participate in this action by gathering in room 26 at lunch where teachers and students will be on hand to show their colleagues and classmates how to find the names and numbers of their Congressional representatives and Senators.  Scripts will also be provided (see sample below) to help with important talking points. Our parents and alumnae are also encouraged to make calls. We are acting in accordance with our USCCB, speaking from our Catholic Dominican Foundation, supporting the tenets of Catholic Social Justice and our own Charism of Veritas. And, sensitive to the strong emotions surrounding the involved issues, adult and student community members are invited – NOT required – to participate as they wish.
    For more information, please see this news release from the USCCB.  To find your senators, use this site.  And, to find your representatives, use this site
    Sample Script:
    “My name is _________________ and I am a concerned constituent and agree with the U.S. Catholic bishops in seeking change. I ask that you support legislation that protects Dreamers from deportation, provides them a path to citizenship, and avoids any damage to existing protections for families and unaccompanied minors in the process. Our families and communities cannot wait!”
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  • Have you RSVPd for this weekend's Alumnae Hall of Fame?

    Join Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy on Saturday, Feb. 24 for
    Alumnae Mass and Hall of Fame Induction
    4 p.m. - Mass
    5 p.m. - Induction/Dinner
    Student Activities Center
    Stefanie Chan '07 (soccer) 2007 and Giselle Galanto-Weaver '06 (soccer)
    $20 for adults/FSHA students | $10 for children under 12
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  • Our tired but happy team right before we left campus yesterday

    Tologs travel to UC Berkeley for speech & debate tournament

    FHSA's speech and debatet team had another exciting weekend, this time at UC Berkeley for the Cal Invitational. This is one of the largest speech and debate competitions in the US with over 2,000 students from across the United States, plus some from other countries. 
    Our impromptu speaking students, again, shown brightly at the Cal Invitational.  Please congratulate freshmen, Abigail Toth and sophomore, Nikki Godinez, for breaking to octafinals and sophomore Samantha Godinez who reached the semi-finals (top 14)!  194 students competed in this category of competition.
    Our novice public forum debate team of freshmen Lilly Jiang and Victoria Hernandez suffered a heartbreaking "cut" from outrounds, with a record of four wins and two losses.  They ranked in 37th place out of 119 teams and the hard cut was at 32.
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  • Art Club Outing: DESTINATION CHANGE!

    Hello everyone, 
    If you are planning on joining the Art Club for their museum outing this afternoon, please note there is a significant change:
    We will be going to the NORTON SIMON MUSEUM in Pasadena NOT the Museum of Neon Art (they are closed for installation). The time remains the same: 1:30-3:00

    Bring your FSHA ID card, the Norton Simon is free for students

    411 W Colorado Blvd
    Pasadena, CA 91105
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  • Grandparents joins us on the Hill

    We love hosting grandparents each year for our annual Grandparents Day, which took place on Tuesday, Feb. 6. Grandparents experienced student performances in the Arts Center, frisbee golf on the field, class time and lunch with their granddaughters. This event is surely one to be remembered.
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  • Join us at Fiesta on the Hill!

    Dear Friend of Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy,


    Fiesta on the Hill
    Saturday, May 5, 2018
    2018年5月5日, 星期六
    SAVE THE DATE! On behalf of Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy we invite you to participate in our 41st Gala, FIESTA on the Hill, to be held on Saturday, May 5, 2018. Gala is a community celebration that raises funds to maintain a financially strong foundation in support of our students’ learning experiences. This year, the proceeds from the event will benefit the high school classroom renovation project. We hope we can count on your support.
    请记住这个日期! 谨代表福临特里奇圣心学院, 诚挚地邀请您来参加我们的第41届庆祝节日, 嘉年华将于2018年5月5日星期六在山上举行。这是一个社区的庆祝活动来筹集资金,为支持学生们的学习经历提供强有力的财务保障。今年的收入将用于高中教室的改建工程。我们希望您能来参加和支持。

    There’s something for everyone. Take a look at how you can be a part of this community effort.
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  • Tologs travel to Stanford for speech and debate tournament

    Our speech and debate team traveled to the 26th annual Stanford National Invitational over the weekend. We brought our impromptu speaking squad to compete The seven team members worked hard all semester and encouraged and helped each other to attain the following results against stiff competition from some of the finest teams in the country.   
    There were 69 competitors from 28 schools in JV impromptu speaking. Quarterfinalists: Izabel Mah y Busch ‘20 and Ella Kitt ‘21 Finalist: (5th place overall):  Abigail Toth ‘21. Congratulations to our girls and coach Leilani McHugh!
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  • Alumnae Cocktail Party

    We welcomed alumnae back to the Hill on Saturday to celebrate our Alumnae Cocktail Party! With more than 130 people in attendance, we especially recognized classes ending in 8 and 3. Thank you to everyone who joined us for the event!
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  • Boarding Hall News

    Hello from Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy!
    We kicked off 2018 with a busy month in Residential Life, which included everything from our first-ever student-run intentional program to a magical day at Disneyland. Read below to see what we've been up to...
    On February 10, we gathered in the chapel for our monthly prayer service— a guided meditation that focused on the people in our lives who offer us laughter, unconditional love, and support.
    We welcomed our newest boarding student, Chelsea Shoobridge, to the boarding hall on Friday, February 12. We’re excited to continue to get to know Chelsea, and so excited to have a student from Brisbane, Australia in the halls. On Sunday, January 14, we took a small outing to Skyzone Trampoline Park—we were able to jump on giant trampolines, play dodgeball on a trampoline court, and play in a foam pit.
    On January 22, we had our first intentional program run from start to finish by a student leader, Valerie Cheung. In November 2017, Valerie Cheung came to residential life staff with an idea--she wanted to share what she had learned during her summer internship at a hospital with her peers by planning and running one of our intentional programs. In December, Valerie met with staff to brainstorm ideas for the evening, and landed on the idea of keeping the night fun and active. Valerie spent December finalizing what she wanted to share, and created a Jeopardy game to run as the main component of the program. On January 22, students competed in dorm families, with one dorm family winning by a landslide. The winning dorm family won dinner off the Hill at Boiling Point with Ms. Katie.
    We ended our month with a "Beauty and the Beast" themed boarding birthday dinner on January 24, and our annual outing to Disneyland on Saturday, January 27.
    With February in full swing, we have a lot of fun things planned this month that will include exploring and celebrating cultures around the world.
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  • Alumna appointed to Native American Heritage Commission by Governor Brown

    Congrats to Cristina Snider '05! She has been appointed by Governor Brown as the Governor’s Tribal Advisor and executive secretary to the Native American Heritage Commission. Read more here and here.
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  • Tologs excel at Academic Decathlon competition

    The Southern California Private Schools Academic Decathlon Competitions were held on Saturday, January 27 and Saturday, February 3. We are proud to announce that FSHA's students did extremely well in spite of the tough competition from other, larger schools.
    There were 48 teams (from 20 schools) competing. FSHA fielded two teams. Our “Team 2” won the overall Division 3 Gold Medal; our “Team 1” won the overall Division 2 Silver Medal. Our “Team 2” also won the Bronze Medal in the SuperQuiz part of the competition.
    Congratulations to our students who spent August through January studying, understanding and reproducing a ton of academic material on a very fascinating theme, “Africa.” Their dedication, hard work, and perseverance paid dividends!!
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  • Spirit Assembly 2018

    Competition was fierce at this year's Spirit Assembly, FSHA's competition between the classes. Competitions ranged from Cheetos tossing and life-sized Hungry Hungry Hippos to all-class songs and a dance contest.
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  • Ellis De Jardin explains FSHA's Renaissance Club!

    The Renaissance Leadership Organization is a nationally recognized program— thousands of schools all across the nation have incorporated the Renaissance values and programs into their own school communities. The main goal of Renaissance is to encourage and celebrate school unity and identity, so although it is a nationally-recognized organization, there are plenty opportunities for schools to individualize their Renaissance programs to the school’s unique identity and values.

    Because FSHA is a Dominican school, the Renaissance Leadership Organization aims to emphasize and encourage one of our four Dominican pillars: community. Our school already has plenty of means by which community is celebrated, such as Big and Little sisters and school-wide mass celebrations.

    However, the Renaissance Program hopes to create more opportunities for everyone in the FSHA community--students, faculty members, and staff members-- to further develop this sense of community. The Renaissance leaders have experimented with different ways to increase the sense of community in our school.
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  • Join the Art Club for a trip to the Museum of Neon Art

    Art Club Outing: Museum of Neon Art (MONA)
    Friday February 16, 2018
    1:30-3:00 pm
    General Admission – $10
    Glendale residents (with ID) – $5
    Open to all FSHA students/community members!
    Students are responsible for their transportation to/from the museum.
    We will meet in front of the museum at 1:30 p.m.
    Mrs. Kent will be supervising from 1:30-3:00 p.m. Parents/Guardians, please be aware that students who stay later than 3:00 p.m. will be without FSHA organized supervision from that point on.
    The museum is located across the street from the Americana at:
    216 S. Brand Blvd.
    Glendale, CA 91204
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  • January

    LINK CORRECTION for stage crew sign-up

    If you are interested in signing up for stage crew for Dance Concert and/or "Jesus Christ Superstar," there was an error in the original link provided for the sign-up form.  Here is the correct link: https://goo.gl/forms/YxADz4pJRItLczFS2
    Please e-mail Mr. Wood at ewood@fsha.org with any questions.
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  • Megan Lund '19 named to All-Area Girls' Volleyball First Team

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  • Prom Dress Collection: Feb. 20 to 27

    It is in the spirit of priceless high school memories that FSHA partners with the Salvation Army in their annual Cherished Memories Campaign. Sponsored by the Parents' Guild, FSHA's prom dress collection will take place Feb. 20 to 27. Please donate your gently worn prom, bridesmaid or other formal dresses during the collection. Dresses will then be distributed by the Pasadena Salvation Army to local high school girls, helping them create cherished prom memories.

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  • Purchase a program dedication for the Dance Concert

    Dear parents, 

    This year you have the opportunity to purchase a dedication for your daughter in the Dance Concert program. 

    There are four options for dedications or business ads:
    $25 – business card size (4" w x  3.5" h) 
    $50 – 1/4 page (4" w x 5.5" h)
    $100 - 1/2 page (8" w x 5.5" h)
    $200 - Full page (8" w x 10.5")
    You can include a photo(s) and/or text, and our designer will create the dedication for you. Or if you’d like to design the dedication yourself, you can submit a high-resolution PDF of your dedication.
    All orders must be received by Feb. 12, so please do not delay in placing your order. To purchase a dedication, please click here.
    You will need to provide the text for your dedication during the checkout process. After you purchase your dedication, you will need to email any photos (high resolution only) or your fully designed dedication to Alizabeth McQueen at amcqueen@fsha.org
    If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Mary Wilson at mary4wils@gmail.com. We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity, which will be a wonderful memory of FSHA dance for your daughter.

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  • Lenten Morning of Recollection: Friday, Feb. 23

    Please join the mothers of Saint Francis High School and Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy for the LENTEN MORNING OF RECOLLECTION. 

    When: Friday, Feb. 23 | 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
    Location: Founders Hall at St Francis High School; 200 Foothill Blvd, La Canada

    Mass with Fr. Tony
    Prayerful reflection with Kathleen Snashall
    Light refreshments will be served

    R.S.V.P by Feb. 16 to Paige James
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  • Blaze Pizza fundraiser to support FSHA's dance program on Feb. 1

    Blaze Pizza fundraiser benefiting FSHA's dance program:

    Date: Thursday Feb. 1, 2018
    Time: 3:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.
    Location: Blaze Pizza—La Canada 990 Town Center Dr.

    Download the flyer in or show it on your phone before paying. 20% of the proceeds from your meal will go back to this organization.
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  • Cierra Thompson - Chance

    Ceramics students exhibit works exploring spirituality at Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels

    Please congratulate the following young artists for having their work exhibited in the 2018 Robert Graham Student Memorial Exhibit at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels:
    • Lauren Anastasia (Art 3)
    • Alyssa Galang (Art 3)
    • Gracie Tighe (Art 3)
    • Cierra Thompson (Ceramics 2)
    • Morgan Sarno (Ceramics 2)
    The exhibit is open to schools within the archdiocese of Los Angeles and asks students to address the theme of spirituality. Taking an abstract concept and making it tangible is a challenging thing; each young artist had to take the time to reflect, define, and deeply explore their spirituality. It is powerful to see them do so and learn more about themselves through the process. The exhibit will be on display through April 7.
    Additionally, all ceramics 2 students created work based upon their definition of spirituality. Their work is currently on display in the Arts Center lobby with their artist statements. They have worked very hard (many of the ceramics students worked on their piece for 2+ months) to create some exceptional work, come by and take a look at them!
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  • Last day to register for Grandparents' Day: Friday, Jan. 26

    Friday, Jan. 26 is the LAST day to register for Grandparents' Day, which will take place on Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2018! 

    Register now

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  • Computer science news at FSHA

    Hope Sadahiro '18 partipated in Girls Who Code, a free 7-week summer program for 10th–11th grade girls (rising juniors and seniors) where they learn computer science, gain exposure to tech jobs, and join a supportive sisterhood of thousands of girls across the US. She is featured in the Girls Who Code video below. The Summer Immersion Program is an introductory Computer Science course, and no previous experience is required. If you are interested in applying for the program, click here.

    In addition, Cinthya Hernandez '18 and Amelia Andrews '18 both won National Honorable Mention for the NCWIT Aspire IT awards. They were selected as part of the top 10% of applicants out of 3,600 applications! They were both regional winners last year. For more information, click here.
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  • Winner Daisy Cushenberry '20 finds out that she is the winner

    Daisy Cushenberry '20 wins FSHA's Poetry Out Loud competition

    On Thursday, FSHA held its first ever Poetry Out Loud competition, organized by English teacher Mr. Eisenstein. Poetry Out Loud is a national program that encourages students to learn about great poetry through memorization and recitation. Seven students participated in the competition and our judges included Ms. Murphy, Ms. Wilkinson, Mr. Eisenstein and Mr. Diblee. Winner Daisy Cushenberry '20 will go on to compete at the state level competition.
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  • Walk for Life & Requiem Mass for the Unborn - Saturday, Jan. 20

    One Life LA Walk for Life
    January 20, 2018 | 11:00 AM
    Start: La Placita/Olvera Street
    End: LA Historic Park
    Click here for map and schedule.

    The mission of One life LA is to unite communities and inspire positive action through an annual event that promotes the beauty of every human life from conception to natural death.

    We partner with organizations that feed the homeless, liberate trafficking victims, find adoptive families for foster children, provide life-affirming services for pregnant women, and accompany the dying through their final days.

    The event will begin at La Placita Olvera, with a walk for life culminating in a family festivities with live music, food trucks, and exhibits from community organizaton.

    The Archdiocese of Los Angeles' Requiem Mass for the Unborn
    January 20, 2018 | 5:00 PM
    Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels
    This mass will be celebrated in memory of all who have died from abortion in the past year. Women and men who have experienced the pain and anguish of having had an abortion - or being involved in one - find the annual archdiocesan liturgy for the unborn to be a source of hope and grace. ALL are encouraged to attend this beautiful Respect Life Mass and Ceremony of Light, celebrated by Archbishop Gomez, Auxiliary Bishops, Priests, Religious and the faithful of Los Angeles.

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  • "Saturday Night Fever" themed winter formal coming soon

    FSHA is pleased to host this year’s winter formal, "Saturday Night Fever," on Saturday, Jan. 27, 2018 from 8 to 11 p.m. at the Student Activities Center.
    Tickets will be sold during the week of January 22 during break and lunch on the Senior Patio. Tickets are $30 per person. Please make checks payable to FSHA.
    Information regarding appropriate attire and conduct, as well as a permission slip for non-FSHA guests who do not attend a Catholic high school, is posted on the TologNet class pages.
    ‪Lifetouch photographers will be at the event to photograph individuals, couples, or groups.  There is no charge in advance to pose for photographs. Lifetouch will provide students with online access codes for the photos, which will be available to view in low resolution a few days later. Prices for prints will be available when viewing the photos.
    Parents and students may carpool to the event, but students are not allowed to ride in party buses or limousines to campus.
    We look forward to a very special evening!
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  • Academic Preview Night highlights FSHA's academic program for prospective families

    Last night, we invited prospective families to the Hill for an in-depth look at our academic programs. The event opened with a poster session where students enthusiastically discussed the research they conducted as juniors and seniors as part of our Research Program. Several Veritas Scholarship recipients then shared what they loved most about attending FSHA. To demonstrate what it's like to actually take classes at FSHA, our passionate faculty led 20-minute mini master classes in a variety of subjects, including math, science, world languages and our Research Program.
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  • SciSearch students awarded Archer STEM Research Grants

    We are pleased to share that our students in Honors Scientific Research (aka SciSearch) have been awarded three Archer STEM Research Grants, which is a STEM initiative sponsored by the Archer School for Girls on the west side. 

    More than $20,000 was available through the merit-based application process; all of our girls who submitted proposals received funding, for a total of $5,500. The institutional support from FSHA is the primary source of funding for our students’ projects. This year the outside funding makes it possible to purchase a major analytical instrument and expensive reagents that extend the scope of the work proposed by these eight students.
    Combating Antibiotic Resistance

    Amelia Andrews, Michelle Liu and Genevieve Spiotto  -- “Thwarting Bacterial Communication: Curcumin’s Pathway-Specific Inhibitory Effects on Bioluminescence, Biofilm Formation and Motility in Vibrio harveyi”

    Ellis DeJardin and Darcy Michero – “Silencing Bacterial Communication: The Inhibitory Effect of Quercetin on Quorum Sensing in Vibrio harveyi
    Deriving Transportation Fuel from Microalgae

    Cate Doud, Lauren Risha and Claire Villegas – “Fueling the Future:  Inducing Stress in Chlorella sorokiniana to Optimize Production of Microalgal Biofuels”
    They will conduct the experiments in the coming months and present their findings at the FSHA Research Night and Archer STEM Symposium events in May.
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  • All Tologs invited to participate in school-wide speech and debate competition

    All students are invited to participate in a school-wide debate competition on March 30. By participating, you will learn the basics of formal debate, argue an important and timely topic and WIN valuable prizes (gift cards!!) This is limited to eight teams of two, so sign-up now! Sign-up sheet is on the speech and debate team bulletin board in the freshman hallway.
    To prepare, FSHA’s assistant debate coach will offer weekly debate workshops starting Wednesday, January 10. You will learn about the debate format and skills required. Workshops will take place from 3:15 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. in room 35. You do NOT have to attend the practices in order to compete.

    Competition Details:

    Where: FSHA

    When: March 20, after school

     The competition is open to any FSHA student.

     Learn the basics of formal debate, argue an important and timely topic and WIN valuable prizes (gift cards!!). This competition will follow the Big Questions debate format. Click here to find out more about this format.

     Sign-up by Jan. 31 to compete in teams of two (see the sign-up sheet on the speech & debate team bulletin board in the freshman hallway). For resources that will help you conduct research and prepare your argument, please visit the speech & debate competition resource page in TologNet.

    The topic: 
     Resolved: Humans are fundamentally different from other animals. Click here to read more about the topic.

    Questions: Contact Mrs. McHugh for more information.
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  • Student story published in Spanish-language digital magazine

    Delaney Miller '21, a Spanish 2 student, wrote a story in Spanish for Revista Literal, a digital magazine, and it was just published in the recent January edition.

    As part of our new Spanish 2 curriculum, students spend a few minutes each class reading. And last semester, well-known World Language/Comprehensible Input Leader Martina Bex introduced a free, monthly e-zine with texts created by novice-level Spanish language learners and for novice-level Spanish language learners, Revista Literal. Each month students can submit short stories in Spanish that they have written (in class or on their own) and then selected stories are published for language learners to read on their own. Our Spanish 2 students have been reading this e-zine and have been very engaged with it.
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  • Parents' Guild Speaker on Jan. 30: Inside the social media life of your teen

    Parents, you won't want to miss this special presentation! You'll learn all about the social media life of your teen. Regine Muradian, Psy D. and Julie Oktanyan, Esq. will return to Flintridge Sacred Heart on Jan. 30 at 7 p.m. in the Arts Center. 
    During this parent education presentation, you will learn about the following topics:

    ~ Understanding the teenage brain
    ~ Detaching and decreasing conflict between you and your teen
    ~ Understanding cybersafety and their digital world
    ~ Communicating effectively with your teen
    ~ Talking to your teen about substance abuse

    This is a parent only event. Parents will earn TWO SERVICE HOURS for attending. For more information about our guest speakers, please visit generationec.com.
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