Gifts to endowment are an investment in the long-term financial health of FSHA.  Endowment funds are held in long-term investments with the principal remaining untouched, which creates a permanent source of revenue for the school. An endowment fund is structured to grow over time through reinvestment of interest and dividends earned. FSHA has numerous named endowment funds, with a minimum gift requirement of $25,000 to create a named fund.

Endowments at FSHA

Endowment funds are essential to the long-term fiscal health of the school because they serve the school in perpetuity.

Endowment funds at Flintridge Sacred Heart:

  • Benefit future generations.
  • Leave a lasting legacy that is forever linked with Flintridge Sacred Heart.
  • Can be designated for a specific purpose, program or scholarship.
  • Are professionally managed.

Flintridge Sacred Heart maintains the following endowments:

Scholarship Endowment Funds:

  • Alumnae Scholarship Fund
  • Theresa Botello Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Mary Elizabeth Box '35 and Carl J. Schuck Endowed Scholarship
  • John G. Cowan Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Edward E. Ford Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • General Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Eugenie B. Hannon Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Harry G. Johansing Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Marisa Anne Lupica Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • George H. Mayr Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • The Phyllis and Angelo Mozilo Family Foundation
  • O’Mara-Durham Family Endowment
  • 75th Anniversary Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • St. Joseph Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • William Martin Todd Endowed Fund

Other Endowment Funds:

  • Building Maintenance Fund (general)
  • Building Maintenance Fund (capital campaign)
  • Suegene Kim Education Fund

For More Information

For more information about the endowment funds, please contact the Advancement Office

If you'd like information about the school's spending policies, please contact the Business Office.
Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy is an all girls' Catholic, Dominican, independent, college-preparatory day and boarding high school in the hills of La Cañada Flintridge. Overlooking Pasadena, FSHA educates girls from Los Angeles, Southern California and around the world for a life of faith, integrity and truth. 

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